Are you up for the challenge?
Build customized prediction market applications on top of Gnosis.

Thinking about the endless use cases, their inherent ability of inducing people to acquire and reveal information, and their successful track record when used by both public and private institutions, we find the idea of prediction markets immensely powerful.

As a decentralized, permissionless platform, our goal is to make it as easy as possible for developers to build dApps on top of Gnosis. Whether you want to use prediction markets to predict climate change, govern a DAO, or build a flight insurance app, the range of relevant use cases is huge and we are excited to see them implemented by talented teams across the globe.

Start diving deep into GnosisJS and build a use case of your own starting today! To help you get inspired, take a look at some cool ideas here.


Gnosis Developer Kit

We are currently building a developer kit to make it as simple as possible to build your own use case application with Gnosis. We will provide an environment in which you will be able to easily access everything needed to start coding. It will contain:

  • Ganache CLI, an Ethereum client which simulates a full client behavior, allowing you to run a “local” blockchain.
  • Gnosis.js, an easy-to-use tool to enable every developer to build applications on top of Gnosis.
  • GnosisDB, a generic database layer combining cheap storage with the advantage of fast document search and retrieval.
Interested in building your own prediction market application with Gnosis? Stay tuned as we will release our Gnosis DevKit very soon!

Gnosis Developer Kit


Gnosis X is a recurring developer competition designed to encourage developers to build dApps on Gnosis. Throughout the year, we will be announcing different categories for prediction market applications. The dApps should strive to aggregate relevant information and carry a clear value-add for the designated category.

To maximize the reach of the dApp, it should be easy to use and have an appealing UI. The best application will be rewarded with GNO worth of $100.000. We highly encourage everyone interested in building on Gnosis to participate in Gnosis X. Throughout the entire program, we will offer dedicated developer support for participating teams. The first competition categories will be released early 2018.


Gnosis Y will be an ongoing challenge. It will pose fundamental questions on blockchain technology and prediction markets which are still unanswered. We expect these answers to benefit the ecosystem as a whole and will thus reward the winning contributions with large cash prices. More information and first challenges will be announced early 2018.

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