Gnosis Timeline

How we started, where we are now, and our


The Beginnings

Founders Martin Köppelmann and Stefan George meet at University and soon create the largest Bitcoin Prediction Market.


Ethereum is born

Ethereum white paper is released describing a blockchain mechanism allowing for decentralized platforms like Gnosis prediction markets.


Consensys is Founded

ConsenSys is founded by Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum, to develop applications for decentralized ecosystems.


Gnosis & ConsenSys

Gnosis is founded by Martin Köppelmann and Stefan George. The team joins ConsenSys as a first spoke. Proof of concept development starts.


Frontier goes live

Ethereum releases first proof of concept, Frontier, and the genesis block is created.


Gnosis PoC1

An alpha version of Gnosis launches just a week after Frontier goes live as the first major DApp on Ethereum.


Devcon 1 in London

Gnosis is presented for the first time publicly on stage to the Ethereum developer community.



The Team Grows…

Denis Granha joins the development team and Matt Liston (who previously founded Augur) joins Gnosis as Chief Strategist.


Gnosis receives dev grant

Gnosis receives dev grant to do research on the decentralized governance model Futarchy.


Gnosis PoC2

Gnosis releases the second proof of concept, which includes a gnosis.js developer library to allow third parties to easily build on Gnosis.


Devcon 2 in Shanghai

Gnosis is presented to a wide range of multinational developers and investors.



Bug bounty

Start of bug bounty program for token launch relevant smart contracts to ensure a successful and safe token auction.


The team grows

Alan Lu joins the team to develop models and algorithms for market making. Giacomo Licari joins to support DevOps and full-stack development.


Gnosis LTD is created

Martin and Stefan travel to Gibraltar to establish the Gnosis LTD.


Token Auction

The Token Auction was successfully completed on April 24th, providing us with funding for the next stage of Gnosis development.


Additional office in Berlin

Parts of the team began working in Berlin out of the ETHDEV office. As our team in Berlin grows, we will seek additional office space.



gnosis.js beta & smart contracts beta

gnosis.js is an easy-to-use tool to enable every website developer to build applications on top of Gnosis. gnosis.js will integrate with redesigned, more modular smart contracts and GnosisDB as only backend.


Gnosis management interface beta

A new interface to create and maintain markets is in the making, giving Gnosis a modern look and intuitive and productive user experience. The interface will offer a light version providing all functionalities needed to get started as well as an advanced interface to get the most out of the functionalities offered by Gnosis.


GnosisDB alpha

Storage of data on a blockchain is very expensive. The blockchain should only be used to verify the accuracy of information. GnosisDB is a generic database layer combining cheap storage with the advantage of fast document search and retrieval.


Gnosis Hackathon ({{market1}}%)

Gnosis will host a hackathon to support developers building apps on top of Gnosis.


RealityKeys oracle integration

RealityKeys will be the first external oracle provider integrated into Gnosis. The RealityKeys service provides automated and human-verified data designed to enable a new generation of automated information services.


CryptoEconomic experiments ({{market2}}%)

Thanks to a generous grant from the Ethereum foundation, Gnosis will be running a series of experiments to test the viability of Futarchy.


Oraclize integration

Oraclize will be the second external oracle provider to be integrated into Gnosis. Oraclize aims to be the privileged data gateway between blockchain protocols and the world wide web. Oraclize’s main goal is to provide a way for smart contracts to break free of their constraints and provide them with the ability to access all the data they need from the web without compromising their trustless nature.


Gnosis AMA DApp with Twitter integration ({{market3}}%)

The first end user facing application will target the blockchain audience. Gnosis AMA (ask me anything) DApp allows anyone to ask the market for an estimate: “When will Ethereum switch to Proof of Stake”, “Will Bitcoin hardfork?”. A Twitter bot integration will make it possible to participate by tweeting.


GNO/WIZ functionality

Together with the first end user facing application we will enable the WIZ functionality for paying fees.


On-chain exchange as price oracle

As part of offering WIZ functionality, a newly designed market maker will be deployed. This market maker can serve as a universal price oracle for tokens and will enable using WIZ to pay fees for markets traded in any ERC20 token.


GNODEX alpha

GNODEX will be the decentralized, scalable state channel based exchange to trade predictive assets. The development already started, however, due to its complexity it is expected that an MVP will take at least a year of development. Gnosis seeks to combine forces with other teams to build the basic layers required to offer a decentralized exchange, with Gnosis adding layers required to offer trading of prediction market outcomes.


Futarchy DAO alpha

Gnosis will build a tool to create DAOs that only use prediction markets to make decisions. The concept was popularized under the name Futarchy by our advisor Robin Hanson. Futarchy DAOs will measure the market reaction of a decision. The DAO will only make decisions if the market would react friendly to it.


Gnosis trading interface alpha

The generic Gnosis interface does not meet the requirements for a trading application. For this reason Gnosis is working on an additional interface dedicated to traders. Gnosis will combine the best parts of existent trading interfaces from Kraken, Poloniex and other trading platforms to provide a seamless user experience.


Gnosis desktop standalone client alpha

Gnosis will offer a standalone application based on Electron, which will come with IPFS and an Ethereum light client integration. It will allow a fully decentralized prediction market service ensuring that Gnosis prediction markets can be used from anywhere in the world.


One other Gnosis DApp

It is the core concept of Gnosis to enable third parties to develop prediction market applications on top of Gnosis. To accelerate platform adoption, the Gnosis team will develop DApps directly as well. Which application areas we choose to work on will be based on our own business development research and coordinated with outside teams that decide to build on Gnosis.


Gnosis mobile standalone client alpha

As mobile becomes the dominating platform for application users, Gnosis seeks to have dedicated applications for Android and iOS. Based on the popular Status.IM client, Gnosis will provide fully decentralized prediction markets on mobile.


Gnosis DApp Store

Gnosis will integrate a DApp store into the standalone apps for desktop and mobile to promote apps.

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