Token Auction

Token Auction Ended

Thank you for participating in our token auction.
Tokens will be tradable one week after the auction has ended.

Token Mechanism

We have designed a token auction to use as a market based approach for determining a fair value for Gnosis tokens. This value is based on the demand for our platform from the community. Read more

Let's Talk Tokens

1 - What are WIZ tokens and what are they used for?

After the sale ends, you will receive GNO tokens in the wallet you set up and transfer them from there. Once the token model is implemented, you can choose to lock them in the WIZ emission contract. By locking your tokens down for a fixed period of time you will receive WIZ tokens in exchange. Read more

2 - When do I receive my tokens?

You will receive your tokens no later than one week after the conclusion of the sale.

3 - Do I receive tokens at the same price as everyone else?

Everyone will receive tokens at the same price. This price will be the price at which the token sale concludes at, and will be equal to or less than the price at the time you placed your bid.

4 - What is the token supply breakdown?

10 Million tokens will be created for the sale, and no more will ever be created. A portion of these tokens will be sold in the sale, and a portion will be retained by Gnosis. The amount of tokens sold is dependent on the length of time the sale takes to conclude. As the sale progresses and the price lowers, a larger portion of tokens will need to be sold to meet the funding goal.

5 - What is the funding breakdown?

The largest portions of funding will be used for platform and application development, with approximately 42% of funding going to each. Additionally, approximately 4% will be used and held for legal purposes, and 12% for marketing and business development.

6 - How do I purchase tokens?

Please use our token purchase wizard, which is located directly above this FAQ. In general, tokens are purchased by sending ETH to the token auction address.

Manage Tokens

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Using Smart Contract ABIs - Choose another method

Read our articles on how to participate with:

Gnosis Dutch Auction Contract Address


Gnosis Token Auction Json Interface


Gnosis Token (ERC20) Contract Address


You can use Kraken exchange to participate in the Token Auction.
Read this article for more information.

Enter your Kraken GNO deposit address in order to find out the data field required for your transaction.

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