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Based on the next generation crypto currency network Ethereum.
Make complex predictions with an easy to use prediction market.

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    The Hunch Game is a gamified prediction market for celebrity and media gossip. It is our first foray into building apps on top of Gnosis. Hunch Game provides an example of a customized application built on Gnosis, and highlights the need for such interfaces. Although celebrity gossip is outside of our interest comfort zone, we feel that it is incredibly important to understand and cater to the needs of users outside of the crypto space. The Hunch Game is nearly ready and can be launched in the first half of 2017 as an example Gnosis app.

  • predART

    predART is an early stage idea to create prediction markets for pre-auction art valuation. We have received insights that such an application would be very useful for auction houses. These houses can save billions of dollars with prediction market insights into variables such as where to begin auction pricing, and how much profit to guarantee to sellers. We are excited to see and support a vast array of information gathering applications for industries.

  • Questionaire

    This financial markets questionnaire is the result of an ongoing collaboration with Wedbush Securities. The initial application is a non-monetized prediction market based feedback application for securities research firms to get outside feedback on expected stock fundamentals. We hope that later iterations of this application will open the door to a new generation of financial markets, allowing for trading on a wide variety of stock fundamentals. This is an application that we believe can be truly transformative for financial markets in general. Having a continuous stream of information on fundamentals, and more accurate models using conditional markets, will hopefully result in more efficient markets and less shock.

  • Sports Betting

    Sports betting is potentially a massive market opportunity for Gnosis. Traditionally underserved regions can be more effectively served with a decentralized platform and cryptocurrency onramps. Having an open platform with verifiable behavior introduces an incredible opportunity to bring a wide ranging of competing betting applications onto the same platform. This would be an impossible proposition on centralized platforms that can change rules and offer preferential treatment. Our end goal is to lower the barrier to entry for new applications such as sports betting by at least two orders of magnitude.


Our software runs on the decentralized Ethereum network using Smart Contracts.

Ethereum allows censorship resistant execution of smart contracts, which secures users as well as market makers on our platform and makes our software globally available.


You want to learn more about prediction markets in detail or you want to give feedback or ask questions how to use our software?

Then feel free to join or forum and ask all questions, which come to your mind.



Vitalik Buterin


Founder of Ethereum,
Ethereum Chief Scientist.

Joe Lubin

Board Member

Founder of ConsenSys,
Co-founder of Ethereum.

Jason Trost


Founder and CEO of Smarkets (>$1.5B betting exchange).

James Slazas


Director of Capital Markets ConsenSys Enterprise, 15+ years financial markets experience, Co-founded hedge fund managing portfolio of life settlements.

Robin Hanson


Futarchy Inventor, LMSR Inventor, Associate professor of economics at George Mason University, Research associate at the Future of Humanity Institute of Oxford University.


Stefan George

Technical Co-Founder

Leads development and architectural design of Gnosis.

Martin Köppelmann


Prediction market expert making conceptional design decisions.

Matthew Liston


Advances strategy, communications, and business development.

Denís Granha

Full Stack Engineer

Drives the development of backend and frontend forward.

Milad Mostavi

Full Stack Developer

Works closely with designers and is responsible for user-facing code.

Vlad Todirut

Art Director

Responsible for creative direction, works closely with ux and front end.